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Baker's Band is an innovative new kitchen product that fits over your standard baking dishes to prevent the meal from boiling over the sides and into the oven.  Each band is constructed of FDA food-approved, silicon rubber and molded to fit standard 8 x 8-inch and 9 x 13-inch casserole dishes, and 9-1/2 inch round baking dishes. Want to know more about Baker's Band dish bands? Send us a message at



When it comes to cookware there are plenty of options Ė metal, Teflon, plastic, wood,and of course silicone. Silicone is rapidly rising in popularity for a variety of reasons.

Bakerís Band is a product that fits over standard baking dishes to prevent the meal from boiling over the sides and into the oven. Each band is constructed of FDA food approved, silicon-rubber, and molded to fit standard 9 x13, 8x8 and 9-1/2 round baking dishes.

Key Benefits

The Bakerís Band fits snuggly around the edges of common glass baking dishes, thus keeping the ingredients in the dish and off the hot oven floor.

Why choose silicone cookware?

  •  Silicone is a soft material, which means it wonít scratch any of your non-stick pots and pans.
  •  Cleaning: Silicone rinses off easily. It doesnít hold a smell like wood, or stain like plastic. No more garlic scented spatulas or chili stained ladles.
  • Temperature: Silicone will work in any temperature range you have in your home. You donít have to worry about your ladle melting as you stir up a pot of stew.
  • Heat: Silicone is non conductive and wonít hold heat. No more burning your hand if you have to stir something for any length of time.
  • Non-toxic: Silicone is a naturally occurring mineral, unlike plastic. Itís safer for
    you and your family.
  • Naturally non-stick: A silicone cooking dish letís you pop out baked goods without leaving half of it stuck to the pan. Not only is clean up easier but you can cook more healthfully since you no longer need to grease the bottom of the pan. Durability: With proper care silicone cookware will last for ages. Itís not going to fray at the edges like plastic.
  • Recyclable: While silicone isnít biodegradable like wood it is easily recycled,
    saving trees and energy.
  • Style: you can find silicone cookware in any color you need to match your kitchen dťcor.



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